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⚡New Feature: HiTeach 5 Differentiated Instruction

How to use HiTeach 5 differentiated push/teaching/instruction features?

Environment requirements: HiTeach 5 v5.0.16.0001 or above (Please refer to this article to learn more about how to update HiTeach)

Differentiated Instruction is the basic skill of teaching according to students' abilities/aptitude and the basic quality of professional teachers. Teachers design differentiated learning activities according to the learning ability, learning attitude, and learning stage of the students in their classes.

Differentiated Instruction is a type of instruction that provides multiple learning solutions for students with different levels, learning needs, learning styles, and learning interests in the same classroom. Teachers can consider how to differentiate instruction from the three elements of curriculum content, implementation process, and implementation results (Prof. Hsiao-Lan Chen, 2012)

Synchronous Differentiated Instruction (SDI) is the synchronized provision of different learning materials or contexts for a student group or each child in a one-to-many classroom learning environment based on learning data (TEAM Model, 1999).

※ For more information, please refer to: Synchronous Differentiated Instruction, modernizing teaching students in accordance with their aptitude

Teachers first prepare differentiated teaching materials, and through the differentiated push function of HiTeach, they can carry out differentiated teaching decisions, send differentiated teaching materials, and do differentiated work collection to realize modernized teaching according to students' abilities/aptitude.

When using HiTeach for teaching, one of the most frequently used features is the various interactive/quiz functions, such as multiple-choice, true-false, and cloze/text questions. After the students use the Web IRS or IRS clicker/keypad to answer, teachers can view real-time displayed statistical charts and do data decision-making to determine the next teaching activities. Based on the results of the data statistics, you can activate SMART Pick-out, give points, or use the differentiated push function.

The statistics of various interactive data can be used to activate the differentiated push function. Teachers can select pages or files, and send them to the students based on statistics of charts, student answers, AI Text Analysis, and other applications. By clicking directly, you can activate the differentiated push function.

In addition to the interactive data results, manual pushing/sending is also possible, either sending a page or a file, and send to the whole class/a group/individual.

The operation on the student side is also very easy. Students can view the pages sent by the teacher from the page history section, click on the page you want to use, and you will be able to mark on it, enter text, insert pictures, etc., and then click on the paper plane icon to send it to the teacher.

When doing differentiated instruction, the design of differentiated teaching materials should preferably be differentiated by different colors, or use the function of HiTeach page editing to set different colors for differentiated teaching materials, so that when you assign (push/send) different questions, materials of different levels of difficulty, or learning tasks with different prompts, it is easier to identify and operate.

Use different background colors for differentiated teaching materials

Use HiTeach page settings function to set different colors