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⚡HiTeach 5.0.18 update is here! Come see the new highlight features!

The HiTeach 5 update is here! What are some of the best features in this update? Come and take a look.

►Update Version No.: HiTeach 5 v5.0.18.0001 (For version check and update method, please refer to here)

The main updates include access to the IES syllabus in HiTeach, auto-start of questions and tasks set in PPTX slides, HiTeach 5 PPTAddin for questions and tasks setup in PowerPoint, local lesson record management, differentiated text (link) push, etc. The nine main updates are described as follows:

 1. IES 5 Syllabus: Easy access to online resources

HiTeach's teaching resource area displays the IES 5 Syllabus resources, allowing you to display individual and school syllabi in a tree-diagram format. You can save and import online materials, and open or use start testing according to the teaching needs, making it easier to access the prepared materials.
The full name of the Syllabus is the Structured Syllabus Catalog, which provides users with a structured, sequential way to prepare for class materials, including individual or school-level co-prepared syllabus catalogs.

HiTeach 5 supports IES Syllabus's materials and question banks

Can be imported or start testing directly

 2. Auto-start of questions and tasks set in PPTX slides

Most teachers will use PowerPoint to edit teaching materials, and now HiTeach has an enhanced support mode for PPTX presentations! When doing PowerPoint lesson preparation, you can open the HiTeach subsidiary software "HiTeach 5 PPTAddin", and make settings in advance for pages where you want to do interactive quizzing or tasks (such as set single answer, multiple answers, true-false, and cloze questions, or do pictures/file/audio collections). Then, when playing the PPT slide show, HiTeach will automatically detect whether this page has interactive settings, and the color of the HiTeach pen in the lower right corner will change. You can click on it to immediately enter HiTeach and directly execute the corresponding interactive question or task. This way does not require the import of PPT into HiTeach, is really convenient!

HiTeach 5 integrates PPT presentation's preset IRS questions

HiTeach 5 integrates PPT Presentation's preset interactive tasks

 3. HiTeach 5 PPTAddin: PowerPoint interactive design helper for class preparation (questions and tasks setup)

HiTeach 5 PPTAddin is a tool for PowerPoint lesson preparation, to assist in providing HiTeach interactive design. You can make settings in advance for pages where you want to do interactive quizzing or tasks (such as set single answer, multiple answers, true-false, and cloze questions, or do pictures/file/audio collections).
In this way, when the PowerPoint slide show is played in class, HiTeach will be able to automatically identify the interactive design, or, if the PPT file is imported into HiTeach, the interactive questions and tasks will automatically appear on the corresponding pages.

Set up HiTeach interactive IRS quiz in PowerPoint

Set up HiTeach interactive task in PowerPoint

Please download the updated version of "HiTeach 5 PPTAddin" from the HABOOK website. For the using method, please refer to: Using method of the lesson preparation tool for setting up HiTeach interactive pages in PowerPoint

 4. Local Lesson Record Management: Delete and export more conveniently

For each lesson, HiTeach will automatically record and save the pages, interactions, tests, tasks, etc. on the local hard drive, which you can manage after the class, including deleting and exporting them as zip files. To ensure the effective use of computer space, you can delete expired or unneeded records on a regular basis.

You can review the lesson records of previous HiTeach lessons

For the operating method please refer to: How can I view, export, and delete HiTeach local lesson records?

 5. Differentiated Text, Hyperlink, or File Push

Differentiated teaching/learning has a new feature that allows you to send files and text to the students. When pushing text, you can directly type or paste the text, or you can choose the text on the page (the system will automatically detect some of the text on the HiTeach page). If it is a web hyperlink, students can click on it to open the web page after receiving it.
(*The hyperlink needs to be in its full form e.g., not just

Send text messages to students

The hyperlink text that students received can be clicked to open the web page

 6. Student profile picture can be displayed when using the Pick-out function

Student profile pictures will be displayed when using a local list for Pick-out. The pictures need to be set at Local Roster Settings first.

 7. Local Record Storage Path Transfer

As time goes by, the accumulated lesson records will take up storage space on your computer. If you run out of hard drive space, this updated version of HiTeach allows you to set up a new hard drive storage path/folder, copy existing records to the new path/folder, and delete the data from the original path to free up storage space.
For the operating method please refer to: HiTeach local record storage path transfer and periodic clearing

 8. Set to not automatic display HiTeach's login screen "when the computer is turned on"

Many classroom computers are public computers shared by many teachers, so we update HiTeach to allow teachers to be able to choose if they want to display HiTeach's login screen automatically when the computer is turned on to not affect other teachers.

 9. Digital Lesson Observation with USB Recording Device

For teacher professional development, HiTeach's additional license has a more convenient solution, the introduction of the USB recording support license. With the use of the USB recording device certified by the TEAM Model system, you can cooperate with the recording of the lesson observation video, so that the lesson observation automatically integrated multimedia observation records and the lesson video.

For detailed application solutions, please refer to: Digital Lesson Observation (DLO) Mobile Plan or Digital Lesson Observation (DLO) AI Starter Plan

**General USB WebCAM can usually be supported, so please test it yourself. If you use a device that has been tested by the TEAM Model system, it will have hardware video compression for better performance.