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Division Teachers' Professional Carnival in Batangas, Philippines: 3 days of enrichment trainings for 10 smart schools!

Since the completion of the second phase of the Philippine Public Welfare Cooperation Project last year, the leading schools in nine school districts in the Batangas Province have been introduced to the AI Lecture Observation Lounge, HiTeach Smarter Teaching System, and developing Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation as a new form of teacher training.

This summer, the Division Teachers' Professional Carnival was held at Bayorbor National High School. The three-day event was attended by Dr. Merthel M. Evardome, Schools Division Superintendent, Batangas, Philippines, and many supervisors and principals. This event was conducted simultaneously online and offline as many teachers also joined online, making it a hybrid (online + offline) training. The content of the event includes HiTeach 5 teacher training, Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation training, and lesson demonstrations on the third day.

**Watch the recorded video of the event here.

On the first day of the event, teachers were introduced to the new generation HiTeach 5 and the updates of the TEAM Model 5 system, and on the second day, they learned to conduct digital lesson observation through HiTeach 5.


On the last day of the three-day training, volunteered teachers did demonstration lessons and received the double green light from the Sokrates system.

This small step in the Philippines will bring more changes to schools and students in the integration of technology into teaching!