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⚡HiTeach 5.0.19 update is here with multiple superb new features!!

The latest version of HiTeach, 5.0.19, is now officially out!
This time a total of four types of superb features are here, the much-anticipated object-based page push is the first priority recommended, let us browse the new features of this version one by one.

Update Version No.: HiTeach 5 v5.0.19.0005 (For version check and update method, please refer to here)


(1) Movable object-based page for students

 1. Send movable object-based pages to students

PowerPoint-edited materials imported into HiTeach retain moveable objects and animations, and now, these pictures/pages sent to the student Web IRS can also be presented in the form of moveable objects, so that students can receive movable, rotatable, hyperlinked learning objects, and complete the tasks as required. For example, a jigsaw page can be pushed to the students for manipulation.

If teachers want students to send back their finished work after the objectified page is sent to the students, the operation sequence is as follows: Start a picture task on this page first, and then send the objectified page to students. The students will complete the task and send back their work by clicking the paper plane icon in the upper left corner.

Teacher-side HiTeach sends an objectified page to the student-side Web IRS

 2. Differentiated push movable object-based page

Teachers can categorize the students' answers and send the object-based pages with different levels of difficulty to the students, so that the students can move the objects on the page sent by the teacher. For example, move the animals to complete the task.

Teachers send differentiated object-based pages and students can move the objects

(2) Name list, advanced scoring, data processing functions, and more

 1. Batch import of profile pictures for local lists

Local student lists can import student profile pictures in bulk and the pictures can be rotated, helping teachers quickly manage student lists.

 2. Pick-out can choose to select only students who are present

SMART Pick-out can select only those students who attend and participate, and will not pick students who are absent or on leave.

 3. Can add points directly after pick-out

The "add point" function got a lot of great feedback, so this time even the pick-out can add points easily.

Pick-out can now pick only those students who are present and give points directly after picking them.

 4. Text question can pick multiple people to add points and can add points by group

You can choose multiple people to add points for cloze/text questions!  You can also use the group answer chart to add points to groups.

 5. Work Collection can be sorted by group


 6. AI Text Analysis with English case recognition


 7. Batch export of lesson records

Teachers are very concerned about the management of lesson records after class, so this time we provide a batch export function for lesson records. You can select multiple lesson records and choose to export Excel, E-notes, or student works (assignments).

(3) Teaching material/lesson preparation and sharing function

 1. New edit mode: Q button. You can preset the page's interaction and task

In HiTeach's editing mode (before pressing the Start Lesson button), if there are pages that require pre-set interactive questions or tasks to be performed in class, you can use this Q button to set them. When you Start Lesson (that is, after you press the Start Lesson, which is called HiTeach's lesson mode), the pre-set activity will automatically start when it reaches the pages that have been set, so your lesson will flow more smoothly. You can pre-edit the interactive pages, including IRS questions (single answer, multiple answers, true-false, and cloze questions), tasks (picture, audio, and file), Buzz-in, and Toss-up (support single answer, multiple answers, true-false, and cloze questions), so that your digital classroom students can be more Hi!

►Buzz-in: It shows the student who presses their Web IRS's bell icon (i.e. Buzz-in) the fastest, earning the right to speak, replacing the traditional hand raising.
►Toss-up: Students who answered the correct answers the fastest will be displayed.


 2. Can set the answer of cloze questions when starting the Instant Paper Test mode

In addition to single and multiple answers questions, the Instant Paper Test mode now allows you to set the answers to cloze questions immediately, making it easier for you to take tests in class.

 3. Optimize the reading files function: Can select subsequent operations

After selecting a file in the teaching resource area, the system will provide different operating options for different file types and different HiTeach modes. For example:
  • When an HTEX file is chosen from your local file, the options of editing mode are "Attach, Import or Open", and in lesson mode, they are "Attach or Import".
  • When a PowerPoint (PPTX) file is chosen from your local file, the options of editing mode are  "Extern Open, Attach, Import, or Open" and in lesson mode, they are "Extern Open, Attach, or Import,".
  • When an Excel (XLSX) file is chosen from the IES Material/Exam File/Syllabus, the options of edit mode are "Save As, Import, or Open" and in lesson mode, they are "Save As, Import, or SelfPace Test".

 4. Can use the syllabus shared by others

It's very easy to exchange teaching materials and resources! After other teachers have shared the resources in the IES syllabus with you, you can select these resources in HiTeach and use them for your teaching.

(4) AI-assisted professional enhancement

 1. HiTA 5 adds T (green light) index, a gift from Sokrates

There is one more benefit of using HiTeach in the classroom, that is, AI will give the teacher feedback for the integration of technology into teaching. This time in HiTA 5 app, a new T green light index is added, helping teachers to keep track at a glance.
By using AI to help teachers become familiar with the operation of technology, they can naturally integrate technology into their teaching.
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