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2023 Innovative Smarter Lecture Award has began

In 2012, to promote research of innovative pedagogy in smarter classrooms and develop smarter lectures of team-based learning, Taiwan Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Development Association organizes the Innovative Smarter Lecture Award to encourage teachers to develop innovative teaching models of smarter classrooms that can be spread and duplicated. 

Nowadays, with the trend of digitization, the application of smarter lessons is also developing rapidly. This year, the Innovative Smarter Lecture Award will officially enter its twelfth year. We look forward to gathering more outstanding teachers to share their smarter teaching experience, promote the effective application of teaching technology, and encourage teachers to develop innovative teaching that practices pedagogies like "Team-based learning", "Data-driven Decision", and "Synchronous Differentiation".

Taiwan Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Development Association 
Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute

Supporting Organization

Application Submission & Submit Lessons: Till 30 September 2023
Award Winner Announcement: End of October 2023 (tentative)
Global Smarter Teachers' Night (Awards Ceremony): December 2023 (tentative)

Participation Rules of the Award

Candidates and Subject Areas

1.    Teachers at any level of public and private schools, including kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high, senior high, vocational schools, junior colleges, colleges, and universities.
2.    The subject and grade level are of the candidate's choice. Teaching materials are limited to current textbooks that are adopted, accepted, or recognized by the government.

Application Content

This event is open to individuals. After completing the application, teachers will receive a "HiTeach Smarter Teaching System" license (for three months) with the "Digital Lesson Observation AI Starter Plan" service provided by the supporting organization, teachers can practice, teach, and submit their work. Teachers who already have a similar license can also choose to use their own license to join this activity.

Click to know more about Digital Lesson Observation AI Starter Plan

Teachers can use IRS, TBL (one device per group), or 1 student - 1 tablet teaching model for smart teaching (both on-site and distance learning can do), and use digital lesson observation service to record the lesson and submit the work afterward.
If three or more teachers from the same school apply (including at least three different subjects: language, social studies, art, literature, general studies, biology, science and chemistry, mathematics, science, and technology, etc.), teams will be formed by the organizer, and outstanding performers will be awarded the group award on a school basis.

Application Process for the Award Detailed process is shown in Annex 1 of the Event Guideline

Step 1. Join the course and then go to AClass ONE to fill out the registration form to complete the registration. It is recommended that you use a computer browser to complete this step. (To join the course, please log in to your TEAM Model account. Please use your existing account or register a new one)

Step 2. Install HiTA 5 App on your smartphone and log in to your TEAM Model account. Wait for 1~3 working days, and you will receive the corresponding authorization:
A serial number/license for HiTeach 5 with Digital Lesson Observation AI Starter Plan (In HiTA's Notification)
*Note: The serial number/license needs to be activated within 60 days, and once activated, it can be used for 3 months. Please note that if it is not activated within 60 days, it will automatically expire.

You can also use HiTA 5 App to scan the code to join the course in Step 1
or join through this link:

After joining the course, the registration form will display in AClass ONE

Submit Process Detailed process is shown in Annex 2 of the Event Guideline

1. Log in to HiTeach 5 and activate the serial number you have obtained. Start your lesson by clicking the S button on the upper side of HiTeach, and the system will record your lesson content and data in full! Click the End Lesson and the lesson video and data will be uploaded automatically.
2. Go to the Sokrates Channel, log in with your TEAM Model account, click My Sokrates, then My Videos, and find your lesson video (Sokrates Video)
3. Enter the Sokrates Video and confirm that the video has double green light: both Technology Interaction (T) Index & Pedagogical Application (P) Index are 70 or above, so the video is eligible for submission! Then, please attach/upload the TPC lesson plan and teaching materials. It is also recommended that you leave at least comments in the video, emphasizing the highlights and features of the lesson, so that the judges can have a clearer picture of the highlights of the lesson when they watch it!
4. Go to My Sokrates and My Notification (or click on the bell icon in the upper right corner), click on 2023 Innovative Smarter Lecture Award 智慧課堂創新獎, click on Apply, and submit your lesson! If you are not satisfied with your work, you can update it before the event deadline!


1. All applicants for this Award: 3 months of "HiTeach Smarter Teaching System" serial number license with the "Digital Lesson Observation AI Starter Plan" service
2. All award winners will have a chance to receive a TEAM Model canvas bag
3. All award winners (regardless of which award): 1 year of "HiTeach Smarter Teaching System" ID license with the "Smart Rating" module *For those who already have a license, the total authorization time will not be more than 2 years

Event Schedule
    Innovative Smarter Lecture Award
Application and Submission
From now until September 30, 2023
Review of Entries
October 2023 (Tentative)
Announcement of Review Results
October 2023 (Tentative)
Global Smarter Teachers' Gala Night (Award Ceremony)
December 2023 (Tentative)

Registration and Event Guideline
    Innovative Smarter Lecture Award
1. Join the course of the 2023 Innovative Smarter Lecture Award
2. Fill out the application form (TEAM Model account login required). It is recommended that you use a computer to complete this form. For more information, please refer to the event guideline.
Download Event Guideline►


  Recognizing Educators for Innovative Teaching and Excellence in Leadership

To promote research in innovative pedagogy in Smarter Classroom and develop Smarter Lecture based on team-based learning, the "Taiwan Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Development Association" holds the Innovative Smarter Lecture Award selection event to encourage teachers to develop innovative teaching models of Smarter Classroom that can be spread and duplicated. Through the deep integration of teaching and Smarter Classroom, this award aims at practicing the ideal of "student-centered" in Smarter Education.

In addition, knowing from the experience of developing Smarter School, a visionary leader with effective teaching technology strategies can lead a school to create an effective teaching environment, guide teachers in developing Smarter Lectures, achieve self-directed learning of students, and develop unique features of a school. Therefore, the "Taiwan Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Development Association" organizes the Technology Leadership Excellence Award selection event to honor exemplary school principals in technology leadership, spread their leading experience, and increase educational competitiveness.


The Technology Leadership Excellence Awards and Smart Classroom Innovation Awards have been successfully held for 9 years and have selected thousands of exemplary school leaders and smarter teachers, as well as collected classic lessons of smarter teachers from around the world.

Previous Award-Winning Excellence Leaders
More Award-Winning Leaders

Previous Award-Winning Smarter Teachers
More Award-Winning Teachers

  A Grand Event of Smarter Education

  "Global Smarter Teachers' Gala Night" of "Global Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Summit"
The "Technology Leadership Excellence Award and Innovative Smarter Lecture Award" awarding ceremony is participated by more than 100 smarter teachers and school principals from around the world each year at the annual smart education gala. The award ceremony is held at the annual "Global Smarter Teachers' Gala Night" of the "Global Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Summit", and the winners are given the highest recognition and commendation, which is one of the grand events related to teaching technology. It is one of the grand events related to smarter education.
Many Education Experts Gathered

  Selected Models of Smarter Education
Winning entries of the "Innovative Smarter Lecture Award" may be included in the Sokrates Channel-"Innovative Smarter Lecture Award". Outstanding leaders and Smarter Teachers have the opportunity to have their achievement and innovative teaching models included in the yearbook, "2023 The Way to Smarter Education", as role models for global smarter teachers. They also have opportunities to be invited to give Smarter Education lectures around the world and participate in teacher professional development training.


  Selected Winning Lessons

  Innovative Smarter Lecture Award Videos
The "Innovative Smarter Lecture Award" collects classic lessons from Smarter Teachers around the world, including innovative teaching models that can be duplicated and spread for Smarter Education.

Click to watch – 2022 Outstanding《SEWING TOOLS》_Grade 1 Professional Subjects_Maridel B.De Mesa_Cupang Elementary School

Click to watch – 2021 Outstanding《Mean of Ungrouped Data》_Grade 7 Math_Mark Francis Macuha_Bauan Technical High School 

Click to watch – 2021 Outstanding《Cohesive Devices》_Grade 8 English_Jenelyn De Roxas Reyes_Bayorbor National High School

Click to watch – 2020 SuperbT3W3 - Revised Travel Graphs》_Junior middle school Math_Jasmine Tan_Hua Yi Secondary School

Click to watch – 2020 Outstanding《Calculating costs of electrical consumption》_Junior middle school Physics_Edwin khoo_Hua Yi Secondary School

Click to watch – 2019 Outstanding《ADAPTATION》_Primary Science_JOYCE LIAN_Fuhua Primary School

This lesson will lead students to recognize that adaptations serve to enhance survival and can be structural or behavioral to cope with physical factors, obtain food, and also to escape from predators. The lesson will use multiple video clips to stimulate the thinking process of the students and allow them to derive their understanding of this science concept through various team-learning activities.

Click to watch -2019 Outstanding《SIMPLE PRESENT AND SIMPLE PAST》_Primary English_Angie Poh_Fuhua Primary School

Students will learn to distinguish between regular and irregular verbs and state that there are different ways to change SIMPLE PRESENT (a form of a verb) to SIMPLE PAST. They will be required to use SIMPLE PRESENT for actions that we do habitually or which happen regularly use SIMPLE PAST to talk about something that happened at a definite point in time in the past.