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Smart Rating Hi Up! Get free access to Grand Rating, Multi-round Voting, and Peer Assessment!

Since HiTeach's Smart Rating function is launched, we have received many feedback from teachers who want to have the opportunity to get it and can't wait to use it in their own classrooms, we are launching an activity for teachers to get a free Smart Rating license for half a year!


Requirements: Use HiTeach for lessons and get 10 T(Data) and 2 T(Green Light) in HiTA.
Reference Information: How to have T (Data) in HiTA? How to have T (Green Light) in HiTA?

After meeting the requirements, enter the TEAM Model Coupon Code: TEAM10T2G 

Reward: Half-year license of Smart Rating Module (Including Grand Rating, Multi-round Voting, and Peer Assessment)

Please note: This activity can only be redeemed once per account. If you have already obtained the Smart Rating Module license through other activities, it will not be offered again. (Redemption Period: Until SEP 30, 2023, please seize the opportunity!)


If you have met the requirements: get 10 T(Data) and 2 T(Green Light) in HiTA on your smartphone, click Explore, click TEAM Model Code, and enter the coupon code. After successful redemption, go to Home and click More to view your half-year Smart Rating license. You can now start to use Smart Rating in your lessons!