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What's new in HiTeach 5.1? Personalization Function, Grand Rating, Multi-round Voting, Peer Assessment...

What are the new features of HiTeach 5.1?

Description: Version 5.1 contains new features that can be upgraded directly from 5.0, and also adds a new Smart Rating module feature (requires a separate license).
Environmental Requirements: HiTeach 5.1 (For version check and update method, please refer to here)

✨ HiTeach Personalization Function: Remember your using habits with care!

As the number of users increases, each teacher has different application habits. This time, HiTeach provides a personalized memory function that can remember your tool settings and teaching habits.

🌱 Teachers can now customize the toolbar!

Because HiTeach users are very diverse, some teachers feel that there are too many tool buttons/icons, some feel that commonly used teaching aids can be moved out to the main toolbar, and so on. This update allows all teachers to choose and define as much as possible according to their own needs, and regardless of which computer HiTeach is used on, as long as teachers log in to their own TEAM Model accounts, they can use the toolbar they set up.
First, use your phone's HiTA to log into HiTeach, and then you can start editing the buttons. For example, if you want to remove Live Camera, click Toolbar Settings, then click Function Icon Adjustment, then hold the left mouse button on Live Camera and drag to remove it.

Remove buttons on the main toolbar

If teachers often need to use Screen Annotation in class to pair with e-books, they will want to move it to the main toolbar to make it more convenient. Simply hold the left mouse button on Screen Annotation and drag it to the main toolbar, then release the left button to finish. After confirming, close the setting window to complete the toolbar setting, and you don't need to go into the toolbox to find it anymore!
The highlight is that all of these settings follow the teacher's account, and everyone who logs in can have a personalized toolbar!

Add buttons to the main toolbar
In the setting window, there are two default toolbars. If you click the default 1 button, the toolbar will revert to the complete tool button configuration of the system default; if you click the default 2 button, the toolbar will be switched to a simpler configuration. You can use the simpler configuration to add your own frequently used buttons to the toolbar by using the above-mentioned operation methods to turn it into a customized and personalized toolbar.

🌱 The whiteboard is too bright for you? Switch to a blackboard now!

HiTeach has added the option of different preset backboards. The brightness of the whiteboard display varies for different projectors or large-screen environments, and some people may feel tired if they look at a large whiteboard for a long time. But don't worry, you can change it to a blackboard!
The setting method is to click Hi, click System Settings, set the default background, click on the blank places on the page to close the setting window, and the setting will be completed. Not only does the background color change, but the default pen color and the color combination will also automatically adjust to the color that fits the board!

In addition, the number of options for IRS quizzes, the size of the student buttons, the displayed options (numbers or alphabetic letters), and your personal school and school system settings are all recorded and will follow each person's TEAM Model account to have the most customary and comfortable teaching scenario.

Student IRS feedback options presented in numeric or alphabetic form, number of options, button size, etc. are all memorized

✨ Cumulative points for continuous lesson use

If there are consecutive sessions/lessons of the same course, some teachers would like to continue the group or individual student points from the previous lesson, so this time, we provide the function of cumulative points.
As long as you do not close HiTeach and use the same course list as the previous lesson, the system will ask if you want to accumulate points. In this way, the group and individual points can be accumulated, making it more convenient to continue the lesson with the same course!

✨ Data decision-making and reviewing of tests are more convenient

SelfPace Test Mode is a favorite feature of many teachers for classroom assessment, and now it's even better. After the test is over, view the test chart and click on the question-by-question correct rate bar graph or the question number to jump straight to the question page. You can also jump back to the test result/statistic chart page after reviewing the question.

In addition, after the test, you can give a full score for a particular question in case there is an issue with the question. You can also reset the correct answer if it is needed to be changed and the system will update the record.

✨ Other function updates

✔ HiTA app allows you to pick out someone remotely with one click, and then close the function with another click. That is to say, if you click Pick-out, HiTeach will immediately display the Pick-out interface and execute Pick-out. If you click Pick-out again, HiTeach will hide the Pick-out interface to avoid blocking the page content, which is especially convenient when teachers move around the classroom to teach!

✔ Local Roster Settings allows for group assignment and management.
✔ In Start Lesson mode, if there is a default question or task on a page, the page will be sent to the student automatically. If you return to the page because you switched pages, the page will not be sent again because it has already been sent before.
✔ After taking a screenshot using Crop Screenshot or Crop Current IWB Page of Teaching Aid, the system will ask whether you want to paste the screenshot on the current page, a new page, or saved it to the clipboard.
✔ After Work Collection, when you want to paste the selected works back to the page, the system will ask whether to paste them on the current page or a new page.
✔ When you select and paste the answers of a cloze/text question, you can arrange the answers in the order in which you selected them or by seat number.

 AI Text Analysis provides automatic categorization blocks, which is a more intuitive display of categories. You can switch between block mode and list mode. In addition, you can drag to move a student's response to change its category.

✔ Live Camera provides vertical or horizontal flip functions.
✔ The system will end the lesson automatically if the lesson time is too long to avoid forgetting to finish the lesson and causing unnecessary recording and space consumption. The auto-end lesson time can be set.
✔ In addition to PowerPoint, where you can use the PPT Setting Tool to pre-set questions and tasks and link HiTeach to activate the corresponding activities during the slideshow, the system now also supports WPS setup and linking.

✨ Web IRS (for students) updates

In conjunction with HiTeach version 5.1, Web IRS has also been updated.
✔ After a test in SelfPace Test Mode, Web IRS will keep the exam paper until the next interaction or test is conducted, so that students can have a chance to review the results of the test.

✔ The content of cloze/text questions submitted by students is kept in History and can be copied to the clipboard when the text is clicked on.
✔ Group number and group name are now displayed in student personal information.
✔ Support for changing the layer order, copying, and deleting objects in an object-based page.

✔ In an object-based page, if an object has a hyperlink and is not being dragged, Web IRS will ask if the link is to be opened.

✨ Smart Rating module (additional license required)

HiTeach 5.1 has been upgraded with the introduction of the new Smart Rating Module, which includes three major functions: Grand Rating, Multi-round Voting, and Peer Assessment, achieving a more comprehensive multi-assessment operational framework for teacher assessment, peer assessment, and student self-assessment, as shown in the picture below.
After the lesson, the Smart Rating and rating data will be automatically recorded in the lesson's Excel summary report, which can serve as a basis for the teacher to assess learning effectiveness.
Multi-Assessment Operational Framework of Teacher Assessment, Peer Assessment, Student Self-assessment

A brief description of the three major functions of the Smart Rating:

1. Grand Rating: Every participant can be a judge/rater. After the teacher has selected the works, assignments, specific targets, or specific groups, the whole class can participate in rating and giving comments, creating an exciting and stimulating environment for the presentation of learning results.

2. Multi-round Voting: This is a convenient voting tool that can be used to vote on the location of the graduation trip, model students, student officer elections, etc. After the teacher selects the choices, multiple rounds of voting can be done to gradually reduce the choices, which is a very efficient classroom voting tool.

3. Peer Assessment: Peer Assessment is the most popular learning assessment tool among teachers, and it is a killer tool that not only reduces teachers' assessment burden, but also improves student learning outcomes (based on research data). Peer Assessment includes three application scenarios: self-assessment, randomized assigned peer assessment, and all items for all assessment.

All three functions can be activated directly, or used in conjunction with several functions such as Cloze/text questions and work collection - picture tasks & audio tasks.
⦁ To use Smart Rating directly, click IRS Tools on the HiTeach toolbar.
⦁ If you want to use Smart Rating with a cloze question, after the cloze question is over (showed answers or statistical charts), select the student answers to be rated and start Smart Rating directly from the interaction area.
⦁ If you want to use Smart Rating with Work Collection, after the Work Collection is over, select the works to be rated and start Smart Rating directly from the Work Collection interface.

🌱 Grand Rating

In the Grand Rating of Smart Rating, everyone can become a professional judge for each entry or subject, not only giving out scores, but also presenting their comments in the form of a bullet screen in real time! The final average scores of all the ratings can also be added directly to student Points, which is super convenient!

1. To activate Grand Rating, first, select which entries are to be rated (you don't need to select again if it is activated with IRS interaction or work collection), or you can use group rating or set directly customized rating items for general rating, then click Start Rating to start the rating activity.
2. Each item will be rated in order (after you finish the rating, press Stop Rating to proceed to the next rating), and the comments will pop up in the form of a bullet screen and be recorded on the left side. You can add points directly after you finish rating (the average value of the score will be added directly to student Points).

🌱 Multi-round Voting

Multi-round Voting is a convenient voting tool that can be used to vote on the location of the graduation trip, model students, student officer elections, etc. After the teacher selects the choices, multiple rounds of voting can be done to gradually reduce the choices, which is a very efficient classroom voting tool.

1. To start a vote, select which candidates that can be voted (you don't have to do this again if you're starting a vote with an IRS interaction or work collection) and the number of votes per person. You can also use group voting, or customized voting for general voting. Click Start Voting after making your selection.
2. During the voting process, comments will pop up in the form of a bullet screen and be recorded on the left side of the screen. After you have finished voting, you can proceed to the next rounds of voting to determine the final winner.

🌱 Peer Assessment

Peer Assessment is the most popular learning assessment tool among teachers, and it is a killer tool that not only reduces teachers' assessment burden, but also improves student learning outcomes (based on research data). Peer Assessment includes three application scenarios: self-assessment, randomized assigned peer assessment, and all items for all assessment.
1. Click Peer Assessment and you can choose between Self-Assessment (each person will rate themself), Random Assign (each person will rate randomly assigned works uploaded by another student. This function can only be used when used with interaction or tasks), and All Items for All (each person will rate all the works uploaded by other students or rate all candidates).
2. Set the number of entries/candidates, the maximum score (up to 100), anonymity or not, and then you can start the rating.
3. While the assessment is in progress, you can see the progress of the evaluator/judge and the evaluated/candidates. When the rating/evaluation is over, you can also see the score of each entry/candidate and the comments given to them.

The scores and comments generated from Smart Rating will be automatically recorded in the lesson's Excel summary report at the end of the lesson! Each Smart Rating activity is saved as a separate Excel sheet.
👉 For more detail, please refer to: HiTeach 5.1 Smart Rating Module Features: Grand Rating, Multi-round Voting, and Peer Assessment

✨ Sokrates application updates

HiTeach's Sokrates module for digital lesson observation (a separately licensed item) has also been updated. 
✔ When you press the S button of HiTeach to start a lesson observation/recording activity, the S will become red to indicate that the recording is in progress. 
✔ When setting up recording after pressing S, you can press the pen icon to directly use the teaching material name as the Lesson Name
✔ When the lesson recording is finished and the data is uploaded to the school's exclusive digital lesson observation platform (Sokrates Channel), if there is not enough storage space, an automatic message will appear, and the video mark icon will become orange to indicate there is insufficient space. 
✔ Added a mechanism for authorization of executive plans with only Sokrates Report authorization: HiTeach can press to start a lesson, but it only produces Sokrates Reports to assist in teacher professional development. 


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