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⚡HiTeach 5.1.1 new version is here, update it before the school year starts!

Greetings Teachers! As we prepare for the start of the school year, HiTeach 5 has also released HiTeach 5.1.1, so please remember to update the software to the latest version first!

Update Version No.: HiTeach 5 v5.1.1 (For version checking and updating method, please refer to here)

The highlights of this update are as follows: 

✨1. Absent students are presented in gray

In the IRS interactive area, students who are not present are displayed in gray in the initial interface of the interaction, so that teachers can identify more clearly. 

✨2. When importing HTEX/PPTX, you can choose which pages to import

When importing HTEX format files (HiTeach 5 editing files) or PPTX format files (PowerPoint editing files), a page selection interface is provided so that you can insert only the pages you want to import. You can also click Select All or Deselect All in the upper right corner to quickly control the page selection. In addition, there is a difference between the previews of the two file formats. For HTEX files, you can preview the contents of each page in full, but PPTX files can only preview part of the text (mainly because of the factor of handling the performance of PowerPoint conversion).

✨3. When importing PDF, the resolution can be adjusted, and can select the range of pages to be imported

When importing PDF files, you can choose to adjust the resolution to improve the quality, and you can select a specified range of pages for importing.

✨4. Test mode supports IES 5 Excel format

When using HiTeach's test mode, it supports importing the TEAM Model Cloud - IES's Excel format.


✨5. New pages added in Screen Annotation Mode can select an annotation page or a blank page

When adding a new page in screen annotation mode, you can choose to add an annotation page or a blank page.


✨6. The IRS Interaction Score in the attendance sheet displays the group average score (if there are groupings)

✨7. Special pens added simple straight line

✨8. After switching teacher accounts logged in at HiTeach, you will be asked if you want to clear the HiTeach pages

✨9. Adjustable colors for geometric shapes and drawing by teaching aids (ruler, setsquare, compass...); adjustable thickness for the drawing of the teaching aids

✨10. Smart Rating for picture tasks can also include annotations on the pictures!

When using Smart Rating after Work Collection - Picture, in addition to giving scores and comments, students can now also make annotations on the pictures. When rating, click on the picture/work to annotate, then click on the return button, and choose to save the annotations. Click Send and then the annotated picture will also be sent back to HiTeach. (Learn more: HiTeach 5.1 Smart Rating Application Instructions)

After students receive the randomly assigned works for rating, they can annotate them 

After the activity, the teacher can click on a student to view the student's ratings, comments, and annotations. Click on the annotation button to see all the annotations made by the students.

Click on a student to view the ratings and annotations the student has received

Can view the annotations of all the students who have been assessed/rates

If the activity is set up so that the results will be sent to students, then students can see the scores, comments, and picture annotations they have received.

Students can view the results of their work after it has been rated

✨11. AI Text Analysis: Can set up a customized dictionary and the settings will be saved in your TEAM Model account

AI Text Analysis has been enhanced to meet more diversified teaching needs. For example, teachers can define their own dictionaries for words that the AI doesn't know. For example, if the AI doesn't know the word "HiTeach", it won't show up in the word cloud or in the text analysis. Therefore, it can be added to the dictionary, which will be saved in the teacher's TEAM Model account and can be used as long as the teacher's account is logged in when using HiTeach.

✨12. Enhance the recording and uploading of Sokrates Videos, and display relevant information when uploading to keep users informed

✨13. TEAM Model account will save Sokrates Lesson Observation settings of subject and grade level

✨14. Update AI Sokrates Summary Notice content and support new features

✨15. Support coupon-related benefits function