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⚡ Cross-platform HiTeach CC updated! Word Cloud, HiTA Remote Control, ChatGPT, and more~

HiTeach CC is updated! Now, the text application function has been enhanced, can be sent, generate word cloud, and can pick people from the word cloud. Also, the smartphone HiTA 5 app can also control the operation of HiTeach CC.
HiTeach CC Campus Version now integrates with the powerful ChatGPT, the interactive records can be exported to Excel files and PDF files, and it also supports customized lists! ..... The R&D team of TEAM Model system keeps optimizing the teaching functions and applications, and always wants to give the users the best tools and better experience, so please enjoy it!

The highlights of this update are as follows (Version No.: HiTeach CC 5.0.230809):

✨1. Support Ctrl-V Paste (specific browser only) 

In Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or other specific supported browsers, HiTeach CC supports pressing Ctrl +V on the keyboard to paste text or images from the clipboard. Images are mainly copied and pasted from PowerPoint, MS Word, image editing software, etc. Pictures on web pages will be pasted as URLs.

✨2. Supported sub-menus for selected objects

Text, images, and other objects can support sub-menus for more functions. For example, if you copy a text with a hyperlink and paste it into the HiTeach CC page, you can choose to send the text to the students, and the students can click on the hyperlink to open it.

For picture objects, you can adjust the layer order, copy, delete, or copy to the clipboard, and so on.

✨3. Send text on Text Sticky Notes to students

You can select student feedback from the text/cloze questions to paste onto the page in the form of a Text Sticky Note. Text Sticky Notes also have sub-menu, which includes functions such as sending text to students.

✨4. Simple HiTA 5 remote control, support for sending pictures

Teachers who have used HiTeach 5 know that the HiTA app can be used to remotely control HiTeach. Now, HiTA can also be used to control the operation of HiTeach CC remotely! Simply click on the lesson information of HiTeach CC, then use the scanning function in the upper right corner of HiTA to scan the QR code, and then select Remote Control to complete the connection.
Click TA in HiTA and you can remotely use HiTeach's important functions, including Pick-out, timer, photo uploading, multiple choice quiz, set answer, statistic charts, show answer, Buzz-in, and page up/down, allowing teachers to step off the podium anytime and still be able to operate the functions to interact with their students. 
(Please note: HiTA only supports some functions of HiTeach CC, some functions are not supported, such as scoreboard, video uploading, minimize, etc. For more information about HiTA's interface, please refer to here).

HiTA's picture upload function is very useful. You can select the pictures on your cell phone or take a picture, and quickly send the pictures to the HiTeach CC page, which supports the use of teaching. 

✨5. Word Cloud (PC Browser)

The student feedback collected from the text/cloze questions can be used to generate a word cloud (PC-specific browser), which is generated by AI after analyzing the word frequency. Moving the mouse cursor over the text will show the number of students who have the text in their feedback, and you can use SMART Pick-out to randomly select a student from these students.


HiTeach CC Campus Version or Expert/Lecturer Account License

For HiTeach CC Campus Version or specific licensed experts or lecturers, in addition to the updated features mentioned above, the following new features have also been added:

6. Absent students are presented in gray

HiTeach CC Campus Version can start a lesson through the IES platform's course and student list. After students join a lesson and the teacher starts a multiple choice question or text/cloze question, the interactive area will display different colors depending on the student's status.  Students who have attended the lesson and answered the question will be displayed in red, students who have attended the lesson but have not yet responded will be displayed in blue, and students who have not attended the lesson will be displayed in gray. Teachers can identify more clearly!

7. Integrating Personal ChatGPT

The most popular ChatGPT is also introduced into the HiTeach CC application. Teachers can use ChatGPT to further analyze and organize the content of student feedback on text questions, or content copied/pasted from other sources.
When you use it for the first time, please install the ChatGPT for HiTeachCC extension in your computer's browser first. Please select any text object first, then open the sub-menu and click GPT Toolbox, and an installation prompt window will appear. Click Install, then click Add to Chrome (click Get if you are using Microsoft Edge), and continue to click Allow, Install, or Add extension to finish the installation.

Once the environment is set up, log in to your personal ChatGPT account in another tab of your browser and refresh HiTeach CC.
After that, when you have used a text/cloze question to collect student feedback, click Gpt to display the GPT Toolbox window. By default, the system provides two commands/prompts: Summarize the text and Organize the synonyms in the text. For example, if you click Summarize the text, ChatGPT will summarize all the text.

You can add your own ChatGPT prompts/commands, such as "Please find the three best sentences and explain why" or "Please play the role of a teacher and help grade each sentence (on a scale of 0 to 3) and provide a comment". You can create a number of prompts and ask ChatGPT to quickly organize the results you want.

Also, you can directly open the sub-menu of a text object and click GPT Toolbox to run the application as well. 


8. Self-defined / Customized Personal List

In addition to using the lists on IES, HiTeach CC Campus Version now allows teachers to customize their own lists, which are stored with their TEAM Model accounts. Note that since these lists do not have student account information, the lesson records will not be saved on IES, and teachers will have to export and save them manually.
To customize a personal list, first click Hi, then click Custom Student List, and then click Create a List.

When the editing window appears, type in the name of this student list, then open your existing list file, copy all the names, and paste them into the list field using the shortcut keys Ctrl + V.
If you need specific seat numbers, it is recommended that you use a program such as Notepad to add seat numbers to the list in the format of name + comma + seat number (e.g. John,3), and then copy and paste the list.
Next, click Preview, check to make sure the names and seat numbers correspond correctly, and then click Save List to complete a customized list.
The next time you restart a lesson, a customized list will appear, and you can click on it to start the lesson, allowing students to connect and join.

9. Export Lesson Data

At the end of the lesson, HiTeach CC can export the activity record as an Excel file. Click Hi, and then click Export Lesson Records to export the records to a zip file.

Open the exported file to view class records, including a PDF file of e-notes, as well as lesson data in Excel format.