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⚡Awesome! HiTeach integrates Fujita Koichi's S-T lesson observation records and S-T analysis

Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation mechanism introduces new powerful features!
Student behavior S and teacher behavior T are automatically recorded and transformed, making it clear and easy to interpret and discuss!

In the digital age, ICT technology affects all aspects of the education field, including curriculum, teaching and education policies. Applying digital tools and technologies to teaching and cultivating digitally literate citizens has become an international education trend.

The United Nations specifically pointed out in the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals that the popularization of information and communications technology (ICT) is crucial to achieving all 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs). Digital tools and technologies have entered schools and classrooms, changing teaching and learning methods and benefiting teachers and students.

In the process of integrating ICT technology into teaching, teachers’ professional development is very critical. In addition to functional training on the digital teaching system, holding public observation classes on the digital learning model is a very effective teacher empowerment activity.

Among the lesson observation and recording tools for public classes, S-T analysis is a method often cited. Now, through the use of HiTeach classroom teaching software, the data recorded on teacher-student interaction can be automatically converted into S (student behavior) and T (teacher behavior) dimension S-T analysis diagram. In this way, manual recording is eliminated, and visual charts and quantified behavioral data are provided, which greatly improves the research efficiency of lesson observation activities.

*The vertical axis represents the student's (S) behavior, and the horizontal axis represents the teacher's (T) behavior
*If the curve leans toward the horizontal axis, teacher's activities (T) account for the majority. If the curve leans toward the vertical axis, students' activities (S) account for the majority
S-T chart and Rt-Ch chart are used to determine which type of teaching belongs to "Practice, Dialogue, Lecture, or Hybrid"

AI Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Records
A sample of AI Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Form

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