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TEAM Model Founder Prof. Power Wu Invited to Speak at the Philippines 6th KA BATANG Education Partners Recognition Rites

Power Wu, the founder of TEAM Model, was invited to participate in the 6th KA-BATANG Education Partners Recognition Rites organized by the Department of Education of Batangas, Philippines, to introduce the results of the public welfare cooperation and the changes that the HiTeach system has brought to the local community, and was awarded a plaque of appreciation.

Prof. Power Wu accepts the plaque from Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Marites Arada Ibanez, CESO V

Prof. Power Wu delivered a speech
2023 is the 4th year of HABOOK Group's partnership with the Department of Education of Batangas, Philippines, and we share a common language of promoting better education!

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, TEAM Model has assisted Batangas, Philippines in building AI Lecture Observation Lounges, introduced TEAM Model Smarter Classrooms, and guided seed teachers. The leading schools in nine school districts in Batangas have set up AI Lecture Observation Lounges and smart teaching systems, and developed a new form of teacher training through Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation, allowing the world to see a new form of teaching, learning, and research.

Prof. Power Wu said: "Now that we are back to regular teaching, we are happy that this public welfare cooperation project continues to be implemented. The expert teachers and seed teachers participating in this project apply cutting-edge AI technologies in the classroom, including the use of AI Text Analysis for smart teaching, which can automatically organize, analyze, and classify a large number of sentences transmitted from the students to assist teachers in more effective teaching instruction. Teacher teams use AI Sokrates to study and analyze lesson examples, automatically collect and organize data on classroom teaching behaviors, and automatically produce Sokrates Videos, Sokrates Reports, and lesson observation record sheets. The application of AI in teaching and learning continues to be researched and developed in Batangas. We are very grateful to the districts, schools, and dedicated teachers who participated in the program, so that the concepts of Education 4.0, such as Smart Teaching and Smart Pedagogical Review, can continue to innovate and develop."

Prof. Power Wu also mentioned the HiTeach Teacher Self-enhancement Plan, HiTeach's 333 AI-assisted PlanTeacher Personal Subscription Version, as well as special project versions to support Seed Teachers and Master Teachers, combining more power to promote technology that truly helps more teachers. We welcome all teachers to join us. 

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