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Celebration! Sokrates accumulated more than 300,000 lessons! AI upgraded with "10 out of 10 Smart Rating Activity"

For all of you who have a passion for education, we are happy to announce that by October 31st, the number of accumulated lessons on the Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation Platform officially exceeded 300,000 lessons!
This means that AI Sokrates has "watched" more than 300,000 lessons, thanks to all of you for working together to make AI coaches more powerful and benefit more teachers!

With this milestone, a special "10 out of 10 Smart Rating Activity" is organized to express our gratitude to all of you!

Requirements: Accumulated over 10 T (Green Light) and you can receive a Smart Rating Module license for a year.
(If you already have a Smart Rating Module license, you can extend the original period.)
Activity Method: Go to Explore in the HiTA 5 APP, click TEAM Model Coupon, and redeem if you meet the requirements.
Activity Period: From now until March 31st, 2024
Reference Information
How to have T (Data) in HiTA? How to have T (Green Light) in HiTA?
HiTeach 5.1 Smart Rating Application Instructions

HiTeach 5.1 Smart Rating Application Instructions


More than 300,000 Lessons on Sokrates: A Platform for Exchanging Lessons between Schools Around the World

Unlike school or district-specific platforms, we provide an open platform for schools around the world to exchange great lesson examples, Sokrates Channel, a public service platform supported by the Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute. School administrators can post and share selected lessons from their exclusive digital lesson observation platform to this public service platform. The platform is presented in the form of individual school channels to facilitate the identification of the unit to which the lesson belongs. All schools are welcome to share their own exemplary examples on this platform, so that they can exchange and share with schools and teachers around the world.

At present, on the Sokrates Channel, there are already more than 200 public channels from schools in more than 10 countries and regions. Sokrates shares and exchanges wonderful lessons with the whole world, contributing to the development of smart education, and sincerely invites all schools to join this great platform.