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⭐️The latest 2024 National Educational Technology Plan from the U.S. Department of Education!

The U.S. Department of Education released the latest 2024 National Educational Technology Plan (NETP): A Call to Action for Closing the Digital Access, Design and Use Divides and HiTeach can already help achieve these goals!

HiTeach can help achieve these goals!

Building on the concept of the instructional core, this plan considers the barriers to equitable support of learning through edtech as three divides:
✅The Digital Use Divide, addressing opportunities to improve how students use technology to enhance their learning, including dynamic applications of technology to explore, create, and engage in critical analysis of academic content and knowledge
✅The Digital Design Divide, addressing opportunities for educators to expand their professional learning and build the capacities necessary to design learning experiences enabled by technology
✅The Digital Access Divide, addressing opportunities for students and educators to gain equitable access to educational technology, including connectivity, devices, and digital content.

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►2024 NETP official reference link: