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[💪One set for all] HiTeach’s multi-assessment combination strategy, one-stop satisfaction! 🚀

👉Teacher evaluation, AI evaluation, peer evaluation!

HiTeach can help teachers match various teaching strategies and use various functions in combination. It supports teachers to implement various assessment types more conveniently and flexibly. AI scoring and peer assessment can be applied at any time, making it easier to design teaching activities rich in literacy-oriented concepts.
Through HiTeach 5's multiple assessment tools, they can be combined and applied to connect the learning data of the whole class, groups or individuals in the classroom. With appropriate combination and application, smart assessment activities can be implemented in a labor-saving and efficient manner.
HiTeach 5 Multivariate Assessment Strategies

For example:
✔️Teacher evaluation: Using teacher-student interaction tools and learning assessment tools, teachers can perform teacher evaluation activities such as interactions, tasks, and tests at any time, or combine and apply differentiated teaching modules.
✔️Peer evaluation: After students complete the fill-in questions, picture tasks, recording tasks, and file tasks, they can combine the functions of peer evaluation to implement peer evaluation in which each person evaluates one item or multiple items by one person, including scores and comments.
✔️AI assessment: Based on the learning tasks submitted by the students, AI GPT will grade and comment on them; the recordings of students’ speaking exercises will be scored by AI assessment.

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