TEAM Model AI Smarter School

With Technology, teachers can easily flip the traditional classroom

Haboard Interactive Whiteboard

Create your smarter classroom as long as you have a projector

The basic touch-control terminal in the smart classroom, the "HotKey" on both sides of the toolbar can be clicked to enable the commonly used teaching functions.
The product has been selling well for more than 10 years;  MIT, quality assured.

Simple • Stable • Highly Cost Effective

Installation of a Haboard Interactive Whiteboard is cheaper than that of a single-user computer, but drastically enhances learning efficiency!
•    Using nano-coated panel, scratch-resistant and non-glare, protecting the eyes of students and teachers
•    Honeycomb aluminum plate, stable structure, not easy to deform, solid surface, prolongs the service life of products
•    Anodic treatment technology for metal frame shows unparalleled high texture and durability. Two-way infrared sensing technology supports multi-touch

IR Surface Light Wave Technique, responses quickly, supports multi -touch function

•   Whether using a finger or a stylus, you can write or mark directly on the electronic whiteboard.
•    Feel free to drag the position of the touch panel to extend the writing range or browse the contents of different areas.

Ultra-strong integration ability; creating a AI, convenient, highly-effective interactive classroom

Designed for use in teaching, the Haboard Interactive Whiteboard incorporates integrated links to several types of classroom teaching equipment, allowing the ICE (intelligence, convenience and efficiency) instructional goals to be achieved.

Link to the HiTA Teaching Assistant App on the teacher's smartphone .

Equipped with HiTeach Smarter Teaching System; commonly used teaching hotkey allows for one click activation amd remote control by HiTA
•    Real time questions and responses, pick-out
•    Next/previous page
•    Writing functions
•    On-screen annotation and paging preservation of teaching notes

Product specifications

※ The following specifications are based on actual machines.
The company reserves the right to change and is subject to change without notice.

Hardware Specifications of Haboard Interactive Whiteboard
Product Model HBI-082P
Effective Range 1663mm X 1170mm
Core Technology IR Surface Light Wave Technique
Touch-control Points 10 points
Surface Material High-strength, low-glare material with high wear resistance.
Resolution 32,768 X 32,768
Cursor Rate 180 points/s
Interface with PC USB interface
Hardware Keys 13 touch-control hardware hotkeys on the right and left sides provide hard -tipped pen, highlighter, eraser, add page, previous page, next page, IRS real-time feedback, pick-out, timer, scoreboard, page pushing, screen keyboard and writing/window operation switching functions.
Touch-control Function Use a stylus or finger to operate on the screen and control various applications, web searches, moving objects, and more.
Current Consumption ≤100mA
Power Supply Power supplied with USB wiring without the external power supply.
Operation Temperature -10℃ to 45℃
Projector Requirements No special restrictions, any label and resolution can be used.
Standard Package 1 touch-control screen, telescopic pen, 1 USB wiring.
Option Wall-mounted Installation Service
Standard installation services (purchase of mobile scaffolding)
Integrate construction services with traditional chalkboard or whiteboard