TEAM Model AI Smarter School

With Technology, teachers can easily flip the traditional classroom

HiTeach Smarter Teaching System

The core of Team Model Smarter Classroom.
The Software that Changes Education around the World

The HiTeach Smarter Teaching System is the core of a Team Model Smarter Classroom. In addition to the integration of software and hardware, it can simplify the complicated processes before, during and after class, and help teachers easily turn traditional classroom into smarter classroom.

Integration with kinds of teaching devices, making everything under control

•    Integrate with Haboard Smarter Touchscreen to enable writing and marking at any time and enable the voice-control assistant TEMO.
•    Integrate with HiTA APP in teacher’s smartphone so as to take photos and change pages when moving to facilitate the teaching.
•    Integrate with IRS clicker and HiLearning Student Tablets, Pop Quiz, HiMessage, Fast Delivery functions to satisfy various teaching demands.

Teaching according to aptitude--Realizing synchronous differentiated instruction

•    Smart Pick-out-Students are picked on the basis of their response to 2-3 questions, so that the shift in thinking can be seen in the classroom. Smart picking can realize the value of student-based education in a smarter classroom either in teaching design or classroom management
.•    Push differentiated instructional materials-Smart tags and the push page function can be used in an environment where each student has a tablet to respond to learning needs in real-time via topic arrangement and activity design, achieving one-to-one differentiated instruction.

Seamless integration before and after the class

•    Seamless integration--Teachers can readily use HiTeach in conjunction with existing instructional transparencies (.ppt/.pptx) in instruction; Support PPT animation. 
•    Cloud assessment
•    E-notes
•    Diagnostic reports

Support AI analysis

HiTeach supports AI Sokrates and through system automation, classroom teaching behavior data are collected, and intelligence analysis in IES Cloud Platform is used to generate the report of teaching behavior characteristics. Teachers and experts in lesson observation feedback conduct scientific teaching and research on the representation of individual teaching behavior through big data of teaching behavior, and conduct less observation feedback accurately.

Comparison of version features
Comparison of version features
  HiTeach PremiumHiTeach ProHiTeach MobileHiTeach TBLHiTeachHiTeach TA
HiTA App
IRS Keypad
HiLearining Mobile App
HiLearning App
DSC (Distance TEAM Model Smarter Classroom) Service
Sokrates Classroom Observation App [2] [1]
Sokrates Teaching Analytics Service
HiLearning Bot (Line, WeChat)
ezStation Lecture Capture System
Smart Voice ControlSupported with Haboard Smarter Touchscreen
[1]: Already included in HiTeach Premium [2]: Need to be used with Sokrates Teaching Analytics Service