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Plan 1: DLO General Plan

Digital Lesson Observation Records
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The Digital Lesson Observation (DLO) General Plan is paired with the school's exclusive lesson examples channel (i.e., the exclusive lesson observation platform), allowing all classrooms to conduct digital lessons observation. When observing the lesson, the experts or teacher teams give feedbacks using the Sokrates Lecture Observation app to mark, take photos, record videos/audio, and text record. After the lesson is over, the data recorded by all lesson observers will be automatically collected, providing the most effective tool for lesson observation activities.

Overview of the environment and equipment of the Digital Lesson Observation General Plan

What problem does the DLO General Plan mainly solve?

   1. Break the limitations of paper records

In general, when conducting a public lesson observation, the observer uses a paper lesson observation form or a lesson observation notebook to record the key points of the observed teaching process on paper. With the digital lesson observation method of this plan, the lesson observation experts and teacher teams will use the Sokrates Lecture Observation app to record key points, not only in text, but also in the concept of timeline. After marking the time, they can take pictures or record audio/videos of the moment, allowing them to record the lesson in a more diversified way and correspond to the time point of the lesson.

   2. Automatically generate lesson observation form

If you use a paper-based lesson recorder, it is not very convenient for you to compile, summarize, and share your opinions. The data recorded using the Sokrates Lecture Observation app can be used to generate a specific multimedia observation record form at the end of the lesson, so the teacher who conducts the public lesson can see the feedback from all the observers. Therefore, the recording method of DLO is a specific way to enhance the value of lesson observation for the benefit of both the lesson giver and the lesson viewer.

   3. Observation data can be integrated with the lesson video

If a lesson is recorded, whether by mobile phone or video camera, it can be uploaded to the school's exclusive lesson examples channel (lesson observation platform), and the video can be integrated with the lesson observation data to become a documentary video with data records. These videos are important treasures for the teacher professional development teams in the school, and can be categorized, searched, and stored, solving the problem of scattered and difficult to manage recorded videos in the past.

Initiation Process of Synchronous Lesson Observation Session for General Plan

   1. Start synchronous lesson observation with smartphone

With a smartphone, you can quickly start a synchronous lesson observation and break through the limitation of dedicated digital lesson observation classrooms, so you can conduct digital lesson observation in your original classroom or subject classroom. After starting a digital lesson observation activity with HiTA 5 app, all the lesson observation records of all the participants/instructors will be automatically collected, including text, photos, audio, and video recordings, and the lesson observation record form will be automatically generated at the end of the lesson.
The process of conducting synchronous lesson observation with a smartphone is shown below. Using the HiTA 5 TEAM Model Teacher app, you can quickly set up, start, and end digital lesson observation activities.

   2. Example of application scenarios:

When a professor from a teacher training institution goes to each base school to instruct interns on teaching skills, he or she can simply take out the HiTA5 APP to give feedback through texting, taking pictures, recording audio, or recording video while observing the lesson, giving simultaneous instructional advice. As soon as the lesson is over, interns can view the digital lesson observation form and view all the feedback.

   3. Join Synchronous Lesson Observation Session

After initiating synchronous lesson observation activity with a smartphone, you can invite lesson observing experts or teacher teams to use the Sokrates Lecture Observation app to give feedback and record multimedia. The scan function in the upper right corner of the HiTA 5 not only allows you to connect to HiTeach classroom, log in to various TEAM Model Cloud services, but also to scan QR code to connect to the synchronous lesson observation activity.
When synchronous lesson observation activity is initiated, the participants can use HiTA 5 to scan the QR code to log in to Sokrates Lecture Observation app, and you can enter feedback for the lesson, including text, photo, audio, and video.


The composition of the DLO General Plan

The Digital Lesson Observation General plan is composed of Sokrates Exclusive Lesson Examples Channel Service and the General Lesson Observation Pack. The descriptions are as follows: 

Sokrates Exclusive Lesson Examples Channel Service

Sokrates Exclusive Lesson Examples Channel is a classic video storage service provided by TEAM Model Cloud, allowing school members to conduct online lesson observation and the collection of the school's classic lessons. Each school has its own independent exclusive lesson examples channel to ensure the security of the school's lesson observation data.

If a school wants to carry out management work, it must purchase Sokrates Exclusive Lesson Examples Channel Management Service. Administrators can view reports and lesson observation record analysis, conduct video management (delete/produce, etc.), lesson resource management, member management, and add general video lesson examples. DLO General Plan must first purchase the Sokrates Exclusive Lesson Examples Channel Management Service before you can start a digital lesson observation activity.

Learn more about Sokrates Exclusive Lesson Examples Channel Service

General Lesson Observation Pack

General Lesson Observation Pack provides:
1. General Digital Lesson Observation licenses (Default 3 classes at the same time)
2. Sokrates Lecture Observation app * 20 licenses
3. Video and Lesson Observation Data Integration
⦁ If the license number of Sokrates Lecture Observation app is insufficient, you can purchase more based on the number of requirements.
⦁ Video and Lesson Observation Data Integration: Lesson videos recorded by cameras, mobile phones, or other recording devices can be manually uploaded to the exclusive lesson examples channel to integrate with all the observation data of the lesson. In this way, it becomes a lesson study video with video and data integration.


Application Features of Sokrates Lecture Observation app

Sokrates Lecture Observation app
The perfect tool for recording lesson observation

⦁ Use text, photos, audio, and video to feedback easily.
⦁ Your feedbacks automatically correspond to the exact time point of the lesson, saving the burden of time marking.
⦁ A complete review of the feedback records. Can also make supplementary remarks and comments at any time later.

⦁ During digital lesson observation, experts or teacher teams can use Sokrates Lecture Observation app to record observation data. They can mark key time points, and record their observations in text, photos, audio, and video with smartphones, tablets, or PCs.
⦁ Sokrates Lecture Observation app has a variety of built-in focus categories, including Team-based Learning, Student Behavior, Cognitive Taxonomy, Learning Community, Learning Community: Learning Atmosphere, Learning Community: Motivation and Process, Learning Community: Learning Outcomes, etc. In addition, school districts or schools can also define their own government-level or school-based focus categories, or can be customized by experts or teachers.

When conducting public lectures or teaching observations, if an appropriate Focus Category of Lesson Observation is set, it will focus on the perspective of the teacher team to collect more helpful and focused professional feedback.

Team-based Learning
Example of Focus Category:
Team-based Learning

The focus category of Team-based Learning can be used to observe the in-depth integration of TEAM Model TBL Smarter Classroom. It includes the seven key mechanisms of the TBL Team-based Learning model.

Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy
Example of Focus Category:
Cognitive Taxonomy

The Cognitive Taxonomy focus category can be used to describe and observe the knowledge content of students' learning. The focus of observation is the new version of Bloom's taxonomy of educational goals in the cognitive domain.

Sokrates Lesson Observation Form
All feedbacks are here, no more trouble with records

After the lesson observation is over, all the texts, photos, audio, and videos from the observers will be consolidated into the Sokrates Lesson Observation Form. The content of the lesson observation can also be sorted by time, observer, category, content, etc., so that teachers do not have to spend time and effort on organizing lesson observation records, and the burden of lesson observation is greatly reduced.
It can be downloaded as a draft of a Word file, and the class-observation records are complete with pictures and texts, and the content can be directly edited and modified into public class reports, achievement reports, etc. for various needs, which is super convenient. In addition, it can be downloaded in PDF file format, which is very convenient for sharing.

►More Info.:Digital Lesson Observation series:Lesson Observation Focus Category
►More Info.:Digital Lesson Observation series: Lesson Observation Form

Lesson Discussion and Pedagogical Review of
General Plan

   Upload lesson video and integrate it with observation data

At the end of the lesson observation, a digital lesson observation form (with everyone's feedback) will be generated quickly to compile the multimedia feedback records of all lesson participants. By directly using this form, you can ask people to give feedback on their observations of the lesson based on the data and discuss them specifically based on the records.


In addition, if you have recorded the lesson with your cell phone, DV, or other cameras, you can upload the video to Sokrates Exclusive Lesson Channel (digital lesson observation platform) and automatically integrate it with the lesson observation recordings to become a digital lesson observation video.

Upload lesson video

The integration of the video and the data of the lesson (called Sokrates Video) is much better to apply, as it allows for more intuitive learning or feedback with actual scenes of the lesson process, which is very helpful in asynchronous teaching seminars/ lesson discussions.

The Sokrates Video after uploading lesson video to integrate with lesson observation data

The data of Sokrates Video is all linked. Whether you click on the video timeline, the feedback, or the opinion curve, they will all jump to show the corresponding data, making it much easier to observe the key points of the lesson. In addition, by using the "+" button in the upper right corner, users can give asynchronous lesson observation feedback online, learning and sharing their thoughts at the same time, and integrating the wisdom from offline and online.


   Filtering and Exporting of Lesson Observation Feedback

The feedback list displays all feedback in chronological order and provides a convenient filtering function, allowing you to filter experts, or by categories. Select the copy hyperlink button to get the link information.

The compiled list of lesson observation feedback also provides the function to export Excel tables that can be used by experts or teaching teams for extended applications such as Heterogeneous Pedagogy Lesson data analysis and Homogeneous Pedagogy Lesson data analysis.  

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Set up Information
Plan 1: Digital Lesson Observation General Plan   
Sokrates Exclusive Lesson Examples Channel ServiceProvide the management function for the school's exclusive lesson examples channel, such as reports, lesson record analysis, video management (delete/produce, etc.), lesson resource management, and uploading general video lesson examples
**A school only needs one channel function. If you have already purchased it, do not duplicate the planning.
Data Storage ServiceData Storage Service dedicated to the exclusive lesson examples channel to store videos and data. 
General Lesson Observation Pack
  • General Digital Lesson Observation licenses (Default 3 classes at the same time)
  • Sokrates Lecture Observation app * 20 licenses
  • Video and Lesson Observation Data Integration
    **This Pack must be used with the Sokrates Exclusive Lesson Examples Channel Service
Other compatible environmentVideo recording, audio equipment, multimedia sound system... etc. The environment and equipment may vary, can contact us for project planning. 
Other optional items
Sokrates Lecture Observation app Additional LicenseThis item is limited to the additional purchase of this Pack and cannot be purchased separately. 


Comparison table of main items of each plan in digital lesson observation

 General PlanMobile PlanAI Starter PlanAI Ultimate Plan 
Sokrates Digital Lesson Observation PlatformOne set for one school, no need to repeat
Data Storage ServicePurchase according to space requirements
General Digital Lesson Observation licenseOptionalOptionalOptional 
Sokrates Lesson Observation app 
HiTeach   5 + Web IRSΧHiTeach Only 
Video and Lesson Study Data Integration AutomaticllyΧ 
USB Recording Support licenseΧ 
Sokrates Screen Video ServiceΧΧ 
Sokrates Video ServiceΧΧ 
AI Terminal licenseΧΧΧ 
ezVision AI Camera(CM-204K)ΧOptionalOptionalOptional 
USB Video ProcessorΧOptionalOptionalOptional 
ezVision PTZ Camera(CM-212A)ΧΧΧOptional 
PTZ Camera Keyboard ControllerΧΧΧOptional