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Plan 2: AI DLO Starter Plan

Using only HiTeach's desktop recording function
Digital Lesson Observation Record can be Integrated with AI Technology!

AI Digital Lesson Observation (DLO) Starter Plan provides you with a smarter classroom built by HiTeach while introducing AI data analysis technology and the mechanism of integrating lesson observation records. By recording the video of the lesson through software desktop (screen) recording, it can be automatically integrated with the lesson observation records.
By combining the services of the TEAM Model Smarter Classroom, the Sokrates Lecture Observation app, and AI Sokrates Screen Video Service, you can simultaneously collect expert wisdom (Observation app) and machine intelligence (Smarter Classroom), and automatically generate Sokrates Screen Video and lesson observation form. In Sokrates Screen Video, the video automatically corresponds to the teacher-student interaction records of the lesson and the feedback from the observers, and you can quickly switch the time points of the video by clicking on the corresponding smart markers. This helps teaching and research teams conduct lesson observations and pedagogical review activities more scientifically and efficiently!

Overview of the environment and equipment of the AI Digital Lesson Observation Starter Plan

The composition of the AI DLO Starter Plan

AI DLO Starter Plan is mainly composed of Sokrates Screen Video Pack, including:
1. Sokrates Lecture Observation app * 10 licenses
2. Sokrates Screen Video Service
3. HiTeach 5 + Web IRS * 40 + HiGroup * 6
The descriptions are as follows: 

   1. Sokrates Lecture Observation app

During digital lesson observation, experts or teacher teams can use Sokrates Lecture Observation app to record observation data. They can mark key time points, and record their observations in text, photos, audio, and video with smartphones, tablets, or PCs.
⦁ Sokrates Lecture Observation app has a variety of built-in focus categories, including Team-based Learning, Student Behavior, Cognitive Taxonomy, Learning Community, Learning Community: Learning Atmosphere, Learning Community: Motivation and Process, Learning Community: Learning Outcomes, etc. In addition, school districts or schools can also define their own government-level or school-based focus categories, or can be customized by experts or teachers.

When conducting public lectures or teaching observations, if an appropriate Focus Category of Lesson Observation is set, it will focus on the perspective of the teacher team to collect more helpful and focused professional feedback.

Sokrates Lecture Observation app
The perfect tool for recording lesson observation

⦁ Use text, photos, audio, and video to feedback easily.
⦁ Your feedbacks automatically correspond to the exact time point of the lesson, saving the burden of time marking.
⦁ A complete review of the feedback records. Can also make supplementary remarks and comments at any time later.

Team-based Learning
Example of Focus Category:
Team-based Learning

The focus category of Team-based Learning can be used to observe the in-depth integration of TEAM Model TBL Smarter Classroom. It includes the seven key mechanisms of the TBL Team-based Learning model.

Bloom's Cognitive Taxonomy
Example of Focus Category:
Cognitive Taxonomy

The Cognitive Taxonomy focus category can be used to describe and observe the knowledge content of students' learning. The focus of observation is the new version of Bloom's taxonomy of educational goals in the cognitive domain.

Sokrates Lesson Observation Form
All feedbacks are here, no more trouble with records

After the lesson observation is over, all the texts, photos, audio, and videos from the observers will be consolidated into the Sokrates Lesson Observation Form. The content of the lesson observation can also be sorted by time, observer, category, content, etc., so that teachers do not have to spend time and effort on organizing lesson observation records, and the burden of lesson observation is greatly reduced.


Learn more about Sokrates Lecture Observation app


   2. AI Sokrates Screen Video Service

AI Sokrates Screen Video Service is a service that uses the teaching behavioral data characteristics automatically collected in the TEAM Model Smarter Classroom, the Sokrates AI Teaching Analytics Service developed exclusively by HABOOK, and the desktop video recorded by HiTeach to produce Sokrates Screen Video and Sokrates Report. Sokrates Video Screen Service not only automatically generates professional teaching analysis reports with AI (machine intelligence), but also integrates the feedback from lesson observation experts and teacher teams (expert wisdom), and uses visual charts as a reference for lesson observation discussions and teacher self-improvement.

Sokrates Screen Video is mainly stored, presented, and managed through a lesson observation platform (i.e., the school's exclusive lesson examples channel). It is made up of data from each lesson observation and contains data such as in-class teaching video, teaching behavioral data characteristics, and expert feedback list/content. When playing the video, related data is automatically synchronized.


• Expert Page and AI Page

On the right side of the Sokrates Screen Video, you can switch between Expert Page and AI Page. When switching to the Expert Page, a list of observers' feedback is displayed. When switching to AI Page, the TPC index and technology interaction frequency analyzed by AI Sokrates are displayed.


• Expert Page Function Introduction 

The Expert Page of Sokrates Screen Video is divided into eight areas, which are explained as follows:

1. Video Information: Display basic information of Sokrates Screen Video.
2. Expert/AI Page Switch: Press the page switching button to switch between Expert Page and AI Page.
3. In-class Teaching Screen Video: The teaching screen video area has control functions such as fast-forwarding, rewinding, and full-screen playing.
4. Teaching Behavioral Data Characteristics: Display basic technology interactive functions and timeline. Press the feature marker to play the video of that time point.
5. Opinion Curve (hot spot): Positive marking curve is green, negative marking curve is blue.
6. Expert Feedback List: All public, visitor, and private feedback items can be displayed. Providing convenient filtering function.
7. Expert Feedback Content: The feedback content is presented, including the text, photos, audio, or video content from the observer (experts, teachers).
8. Add New Feedback (Comments): After the lesson observation is over, you can still give feedback any time (for non-synchronized lesson observation).


• Video Information

The Sokrates Screen Video information area includes the video title, lesson description, the link to the lesson overview page, and a button to copy the lesson example link. Clicking the SOKRATES button will bring you back to the lesson overview page and click the copy link button to share the lesson URL.


• Expert Feedback List

Expert Feedback List displays all items in chronological order and provides a convenient filtering function. You can filter by observers and categories. Click the copy hyperlink button to get the video clip hyperlink information. 
Feedback/Comments can be divided into three attributes: public, personal, and visitor. Only when the personal button is pressed will your own personal comments be displayed, and when the visitor button is pressed, the visitor comments are displayed (only the lesson instructor or administrator have this feature).


• Multi-data Linkage

The data in Sokrates Screen Video are interlinked, including the timeline of five data items, including In-class Teaching Video, Teaching Behavioral Data Characteristics, Opinion Curve, Expert Feedback List/Content. For example, when you click click Behavioral Data Characteristics, it will automatically switch to show the corresponding video and feedback.


• TPC Index

Sokrates Screen Video's AI Page includes: 9. Technology Interaction Index (T), 10. Pedagogical Application Index (P), 11. Content Implementation Index (C), 12. Technology Functions Triggered Times/Duration.

AI Sokrates lesson observation innovates the model and process of digital lesson observation. The Sokrates Screen Video is automatically generated on the lesson observation platform (the school's exclusive lesson examples channel) at the end of the lesson. During post-lesson observation discussions, the rich data and evidence from the Sokrates Screen Video can make pedagogical reviews more accurate and efficient.

Technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) framework
For related information, please refer to TPACK theoretical framework


• Sokrates Report

In addition to the Sokrates Screen Video, a data report, Sokrates Report, is also produced immediately based on the analysis of the Teaching Behavioral Data Characteristics. In this way, you can take one minute to interpret the Sokrates Report, and quickly enjoy a 40-minute class.
The Sokrates Report is composed of two parts: 1. TPC Index and Technology Functions Triggered Times/Duration and 2. Teaching Behavioral Data Characteristics.

The Technology Interaction (T) Index has five analysis indexes, including T1: Data channel, T2: Data feedback, T3: Decision by statistics, T4: Focus on students, and T5: Multi-assessment. AI statistically analyzes the frequency and effective combination application of each index, and gives a sub-index and a total index.

The Pedagogical Application (P) Index has six analysis indexes, including P1: Group learning, P2: Whole-class interaction, P3: Student center decision, P4: Whole-class assessment, P5: Individual learning, P6: Multi-approach assessment. AI uses these six indexes to evaluate the effectiveness of Teaching Behavioral Data Characteristics. The more effective teaching behavior data characteristics, the higher the index will be.

The Content Implementation (C) Index has five analysis indexes, including C1: Teaching Design, C2: Teaching Process, C3: Teaching Effectiveness, C4: Technology integration, C5: Innovation. These analysis indexes need to be entered manually by experts, and combines with AI Sokrates's Technology Interaction (T) Index and Pedagogical Application (P) Index to form the TPACK, a smarter lesson evaluation index that deeply integrates Technological (T), Pedagogical (P), Content (C).

Technology Interaction (T) Index and Pedagogical Application (P) Index are used to distinguish the in-depth integration state of smarter lesson TPC by light signals. A score above 70 is displayed as a
green light, a score of 50-70 is displayed as a yellow light, and a score below 50 is displayed as a red light. The red light means that the Technology Interaction or Pedagogical Application index is low, the yellow light means that the index is gradually approaching the application mature stage, and the green light means that it has reached a deep integration state. When a lesson's T and P indexes both show green lights, it is called a Sokrates double green light lesson.

By observing the frequency of technological interaction and the red, yellow, or green lights displayed by AI Sokrates, you can quickly and preliminarily interpret the basic state of the deep integration of this lesson.

Teaching Behavioral Data Characteristics is based on the interactive data pattern of the basic technology interaction function and the time axis. From the data pattern, you can observe the combined use, closed-loop use, and balanced use of the technology interaction function, and then you can further analyze the effectiveness of the Technology Interaction and Pedagogical Application.


   3. HiTeach 5 + Web IRS * 40 + HiGroup * 6

Sokrates Screen Video Pack also includes HiTeach 5, student Web IRS * 40, and student group authorization HiGroup * 6. If you need remote control-type feedback devices for students, you can purchase additional student IRS clickers/keypads.

Together with Sokrates Screen Video Service and Sokrates Lecture Observation app, this set of HiTeach is equipped with various smarter teaching functions of TEAM Model Smarter Classroom, allowing teachers to have complete technology teaching aids, showing competence-oriented teaching model of integrating information technology into teaching. For detailed introduction, please refer to the introduction of TEAM Model Smarter Classroom solution.

TEAM Model Mobile Smarter Classroom
Mobile Smarter Classroom
TEAM Model TBL Smarter Classroom
TBL Smarter Classroom


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Set Up Information
Plan 2: AI Digital Lesson Observation Starter Plan   
Sokrates Screen Video Pack
  • Sokrates Lecture Observation app * 10 licenses
  • Sokrates Screen Video Service
  • HiTeach 5 + Web IRS 5 * 40 + HiGroup * 6 (The recording function of this Pack mainly uses the desktop recording function of HiTeach 5 to perform)
Data Storage ServiceData Storage Service dedicated to the exclusive lesson examples channel to store videos and data. 
Sokrates Exclusive Lesson Examples Channel ServiceProvide the management function for the school's exclusive lesson examples channel, such as reports, lesson record analysis, video management (delete/produce, etc.), lesson resource management, and uploading general video lesson examples
**A school only needs one channel and management function. If you have already purchased it, do not duplicate the planning.
Other compatible environmentsMicrophone equipment, multimedia audio system, wireless network environment... etc. may vary depending on the site environment. Require project planning. 
Other optional items
Sokrates Lecture Observation app Additional LicenseThis item is limited to the additional purchase of this Pack and cannot be purchased separately. 
Sokrates Screen Video ServiceOnly users who have purchased Sokrates Exclusive Lesson Examples Channel Management Service and purchased HiTeach with long-term use plan can purchase this module (HiTeach with subscription plan cannot purchase this module).