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HiTA Teaching Assistant App

Transforming teacher's smartphone into a good helper in the classroom 

HiTA Teaching Assistant App can transform the teacher's smartphone into a good helper in the classroom. In addition to remotely controlling HiTeach, you can also use the photography function to take photos of students' works or record videos to HiTeach's pages for recording and sharing; you can also manage the student list, send electronic messages... etc. HiTA makes teaching interaction more convenient and effective.

HiTA Features

Remote control of HiTeach to facilitate teacher's teaching

Install the HiTA app on your mobile phone, you can remotely use the important functions of HiTeach. The operations include Pick-out, Pop Quiz, Show Chart, Score Ranking, Flip Cards, Score Ranking, Buzz-in, and other related functions that can be used with the IRS interactive response system. You can also control PowerPoint or HiTeach page up / down switching allows teachers to walk down the podium to interact with students anytime, anywhere.

File transfer, image / video functions are very useful

Files, pictures, or files on the cloud can be quickly sent to HiTeach through HiTA's file transfer function, which can be used in the teaching site in real time. In addition, with HiTA, the mobile phone becomes a versatile document camera. Using the camera lens of the mobile phone, HiTA's Pictures function can take photos and compare student works; the Short Video function is suitable for reproducing the wonderful moments in the classroom. These functions can be used to observe, publish, and discuss works in HiTeach. It is a useful tool for promoting group cooperative learning and literacy-oriented teaching. In addition, the Live Video function can be used to broadcast operational activities to HiTeach for teacher demonstration or a student/group presentation, this is the best observation and learning tool for everyone to see!

Pass for All TEAM Model Services

As long as you apply for a TEAM Model ID account and log in on HiTA, HiTA will become a pass for all TEAM Model services, including linking HiTeach, quickly scanning QR codes to log in to TEAM Model Cloud platform services, and teachers ’professional development exchanges on Sokrates platform, school-based Course Syllabus sharing, Sokrates smarter lesson review, etc., became the key to every service.

Good helper of Cloud-based class

The student list of IES Cloud Course can be viewed, grouped, edited by HiTA, or sent to students with the function of sending electronic notes. In addition, the administrator of the IES platform of the smart school can also publish information to the teachers' HiTA through the function of notification messages. From in-class to after-class, a good helper to fully support teachers' teaching activities.

HiTA Lecture scenario

This video provides demonstration scenarios of HiTA combined with HiTeach in the classroom, including art demonstration, mathematics, and English lessons.

A 10th grade chemistry lesson with HiTA

This is a practical example of a chemistry class. You can clearly see how teachers use HiTA to connect to HiTeach, and then observe and discuss works in the classroom, making the classroom very different!

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