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HiTA Teaching Assistant App

Transforming the teacher's smartphone into a good helper in the classroom 

HiTA Teaching Assistant App can transform the teacher’s smartphone into a good helper in the classroom. In addition to remotely controlling HiTeach, it can also use the photography function to upload students’ works to take photos or record videos, and quickly set up students’ headshots, making teaching interaction more convenient and fast.

Remote control of HiTeach to facilitate teacher's teaching

Install HiTA App and remotely turn on various HiTeach functions. Teachers can further use the HiTA App as an IRS clicker when performing real-time question and answer, statistical chart, show selection, pick-out and real-time buzz-in functions, so that the teacher can walk off the platform and interact with students anytime and anywhere.

File transmission and video recording

HiTA can quickly transmit text or image files on the teacher’s smartphone or stored in the cloud to HiTeach for use. Teachers can also present students’ works through photos/videos; or open the student roster and take photos to generate the photo sticker of the class!

Permit for TEAM Model Services

You can use HiTA to connect to HiTeach as long as you register and log in TEAM Model accounts and then log in TEAM Model Cloud and Sokrates Platform by scanning the QR code.

Good helper of Cloud-based class

Teachers can also use HiTA to review student roster in the cloud, and can activate HiTeach for the selected class. After class, teachers can also use HiTA to view uploaded IES learning histories. From within to outside the curriculum, HiTA provides full-scale support for teacher’s instructional activities.