TEAM Model AI Smarter School

TEAM Model Smarter Classroom + TEAM Model Lecture Observation Lounge + Data Decision

Interactive Response System

Precise monitoring of learning process

In conjunction with HiTeach Smarter Teaching System, students holds a IRS device, which allow them to immediately respond to teacher’s questions, tests, or other interactive instruction. In addition, students’ responses to questions are used to make statistics, which allows teachers to pay attention to each child’s learning process and status. It’s the best auxiliary tool for in-class teaching.

Brand-new visual design  IRS becomes more stylish and user-friendly

In 2019, the new version of IRS, coupled with the LCD panel display. Students can see their answers more clearly when using it. IRS has also added the function of multiple-choice answers to make it more convenient and useful.

360 Received
LCD Screen
Multi answering
The class flips with IRS

Research has indicated that the use of IRS can increase a class's average score by 5-10 points, which changes the traditional one-way teaching method. It allows teachers to see every child's thinking, breaks the traditional learning pattern of teachers' teaching and students' listening, improves the interaction and concentration between teachers and students, and enhances the classroom atmosphere.

Multiple interaction mode to facilitate the teaching

Real-time assessment: preview before class, practice in class, review after class, student self-assessment or mutual assessment: students can also give scores according to a work, speech, performance, and immediately get the total score statistical results
•Pop quiz      •Buzz-in
•Pick-out       •Written questions and answers
•Anonymous quiz    •Ballot statistics

All-round Sensing

IRS can help teachers in teaching without disadvantage, the exclusive use of RF wireless transmission technology, with a dedicated receiver, students and teachers can communicate within 20 meters, 360 degrees wireless transmission signal.

Clear visual statistical chart for more accurate decision-making

IRS provides a visual bar chart or pie chart showing each option, as well as the ability to turn over each student's answers, all student statistics for each option, and so on. In the process of teaching interaction, teachers can immediately present statistical charts, leaderboards, course records, learning analysis reports and other information.

Not just for schools but the enterprises

IRS can be used not only in schools, but also in corporate training, meeting IRS is also the best helper to help vote, calculate attendance and respond when conducting corporate training and meeting.

Critical mark and Difficult Mark Individualized learning is more comprehensive

With the ezStation Lecture Capture System, the IRS can mark the key points/difficulties of the course and generate remedial videos in real time after class, which is more convenient and easy for individualized learning.