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HiLearning (Student Tablet Learning System)

The multi-functional interactive App on the tablet in the classroom

Designed with HiLearning (Student Tablet Learning System) on students' tablets enables students to conduct more interaction with teachers in the classroom, including receiving instruction materials, submission of assignments and interactive assessment. It can train students’ expressive ability using transmitted images, text messages and real-time data and also strengthen cooperative learning outcomes in groups and goals of individualized learning.

Receiving instructional materials

Students can receive classroom tasks or teaching materials pushed by teachers at any time, and immediately edit or mark them on the receiving page, or even take photos.

Submission of assignments

Students can hand in classroom tasks and assignments in the form of text, pictures or photographs at any time and display individual learning results. The teacher can assign students to submit the notes page (homework) in the designated area by the function of Fast Delivery. Meanwhile, the teacher can check the status of homework submission in real time and select the works of different students for demonstration and discussion.

Interactive assessment

Students can use their tablets to provide feedback to the teacher, promoting efficient classroom interaction and can also upload data to the cloud for the purpose of learning diagnosis and analysis.