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AClass ONE Learning Companion App

Mobile learning transcending restrictions of time and space

The AClass ONE Learning Companion App is a learning portal that will faithfully accompany students as they grow, and can provide automated teaching data convergence services throughout all learning stages. From online to offline, and from before class to after class, the Learning Companion App will generate individualized learning resources for each child, and enable learning at any time or place in conjunction with the use of a mobile device. It makes learning more fun, and brings students and teacher closer together. 

After installing the AClass ONE Learning Companion App, students and parents automatically receive seven types of notifications on their smartphones including lists of tasks, e-notes, assessment records, learning videos, diagnostic reports, electronic slips, and homework assignments from the teacher and the school. 


Effortless flipped learning

Allows teachers to assign programmed learning content and practice tasks, and have students perform before-class preparation. The format of learning content includes videos, text documents, and website links, and practice tasks include worksheets, online tests, and short answer questions. After assignments have been completed, the system indicates the time, results, and overall progress, etc., facilitating teacher monitoring.

Learning clips 
Gathers all key points and difficulties

Compiles flipped classroom preparation videos, and lets the teacher distribute teaching video materials. Audiovisual resources can be managed in one place, and repeatedly viewed. In addition, the AClass ONE Learning Companion Application can be used to view classroom videos generated using the ezStation Lecture Capture System, facilitating after-class review. 

Making up in-class gaps after class

When the TEAM Model Smarter Classrooms is used in class instruction, the teacher's class notes will be uploaded to the TEAM Model Cloud for storage, and will be pushed to students' mobile devices, letting students use the AClass ONE Learning Companion App at any time to review in-class content.

Activity records
Assessment and diagnosis to make up deficiencies

Provides various types of assessment records, including TEAM Model Smarter Classrooms interactive assessments, online tests, and online test scoring assessments; can use keyword searches to quickly find specific data. Assessment records may also include answer details for all questions, e-notes, classroom videos, test scoring attachments and answer cards, and diagnostic analytical reports. Answer records also list teacher's tips and teaching materials needed for review and remedial learning.

clouDAS reports 
Cloud analysis and digital reports

After assessment test results have been analyzed by the clouDAS Cloud-computing Diagnosing & Analyzing Service, the AClass ONE Learning Companion App lets students conveniently and quickly see "individual diagnostic analysis" reports, which also allow parents to quickly find out about their child's learning assessment results.

Analysis of wrong answers for reinforcement

Automatically collects all questions answered incorrectly on all types of student assessments, including TEAM Model Smarter Classrooms interactive assessments, online tests, and online test scoring assessments. Lets users inspect questions answered incorrectly, and allows users to click on and browse teacher's explanations and remedial resources for each question.