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AI Terminal (ezStation)

 To record each brilliant lecture and perfectly represent complete curriculum video

Aluminum alloy with integrated design makes the exterior of the machine more beautiful. The advanced embedded DSP video signal processing technology is with built-in sound processor to equip it with more powerful function. Its brand-new smart pattern recognition technology fulfills various lecture capturing requirements, including lecture recording, video archiving, live streaming, video conferencing, online seminar, remote interactive lecture, and so on. 

Easy to use: Dual mode of one device with dual purposes.
Combining the functions of video conferencing and lecture capture. Synchronization of distance lecture and lecture recording.
Equipped with high-performance chips and enhance access efficiency.
Auto-produced videos after class without extra waiting time.
Multi-track lecture capture and customized templates.
It provides 8 templates with several options, teacher's desktop, teacher/student channel close up & distant view, remote video chat image, etc.
Built-in sound processor and bothering noises are eliminated.
Echo cancellation and noise-canceling function make voices more clear and pleasant.
Auto-tracking function and keyboard controller makes it user-friendly.
Movements of teachers will be traced automatically, plus the dedicated keyboard controller, perfect recording of each picture and image. 
Integrating HiTeach
Overall application is  outstanding
Recording starts at One-click recording.
It strengthens student's personal learning by combining the functions of keynote and difficult points, provided through IRS, enables videos to review more efficiently.
Features of AI Terminal(ezStation)


Perfect integration of TEAM Model Smarter Classroom environment, with the following characteristics:
1. Integrate the HiTeach smarter teaching system, the teacher can start the recording function with one click, automatically track and video switching, and automatically upload to TEAM Model Cloud at the end of the course.
2. Built-in positioning tracking (motion detection, face recognition, electronic pan / tilt), cancel the tracking host configuration, simplify device deployment.
3. Built-in web management functions to realize remote terminal remote management of AI terminal host equipment.
4. Support the independent Critical / Difficult marks of the IRS interactive response system for students in smart classrooms, and produce individualized audio and video for each student.
5. Perfect recording, live broadcasting and interactive functions.
6. As a source of close-up video for teachers / students by computing the specific area of the image captured by the camera.
7. Seamless integration with the TEAM Model Cloud, to achieve the convenient access to classroom textbook resources, automatic upload and automatic generation of AI Sokrates video after class.


Visual guide control panel

The system has built-in guide control function. During the recording process, the template can be used to switch the picture combination presentation mode of the video source, such as single picture, split picture (2 equally divided, 1 large 2 small ...), picture-in-picture, etc. And the video can be switched by dragging and dropping with the mouse pointer. Therefore, as long as the guide control function is well operated, it will be able to produce rich and changeable, clearly presented wonderful movies. 

Automatically track teacher/student images

The system has intelligent image tracking technology, which can be tracked according to motion detection, face recognition, and picture changes. Even if there is no other person to help guide and adjust the camera lens, the system will automatically adjust the automatic lens screen to follow the teacher's movement, or automatically switch to the computer desktop screen, the film produced can still be brilliant and rich!

Example of a multi-picture recording result movie: split picture (2 equally divided)-2 camera picturesExample of a multi-picture recording result movie: picture-in-picture(1 large, 2 small)
Example of a multi-picture recording result movie: split picture(1 large, 2 small)-computer screen is the large one.Example of a multi-picture recording result movie: split picture (2 equally divided)-1 computer screen, 1 camera picture
System Applicable Scenarios