TEAM Model AI Smarter School

With Technology, teachers can easily flip the traditional classroom

ezStation Lecture Capture System (LCS)

 To record each brilliant lecture and perfectly represent complete curriculum video

Aluminum alloy with integrated design makes the exterior of the machine more beautiful. The advanced embedded DSP video signal processing technology is with built-in sound processor to equip it with more powerful function. Its brand-new smart pattern recognition technology fulfills various lecture capturing requirements, including lecture recording, video archiving, live streaming, video conferencing, online seminar, remote interactive lecture, and so on. 


Easy to use: Dual mode of one device with dual purposes.
Combining the functions of video conferencing and lecture capturing. Synchronization of distance lecture and lecture recording.
Equipped with high-performance chip and enhance access efficiency.
Auto-produced videos after class without extra waiting time.
Multi-track lecture capture and customized templates.
It provides 8 templates with several options, teacher’s desktop, teacher/student channel close up & distant view, remote video chat image, etc.
Built-in sound processor and bothering noises are eliminated.
Echo cancellation and noise-canceling function make voices more clear and pleasant.
Auto-tracking function and keyboard controller makes it user-friendly.
Movements of teachers will be traced automatically, plus the dedicated keyboard controller, perfect recording of each picture and image. 
Integrating with smart teaching support system makes HiTeach performance outstanding
Recording starts at One-click recording.
It strengthens student’s personal learning by combining the functions of keynote and difficult points, provided through IRS, enables videos to review more efficient.
Cases of Practical Application

Smarter Lecture Capture Classroom -
Highly Compatible to Record Classic Lecture

ezStation is highly integrated with HiTeach smarter teaching system. Teachers can activate recording by one-button click for automatic tracking, broadcasting, and uploading to the cloud platform at the end of the lecture. Highly compatible to record and store classic lecture.  

Distance TEAM Model Smarter Classroom-
audio/video + data interaction overcome limitation of time and space

ezStation is equipped with built-in video synchronous mechanism, compatible of video conferencing between two smarter classrooms. Teachers can conduct real-time data interaction with the local classroom (host) and with the distance participating students. At the same time, students are also able to use team tablet PC and personal device to deliver real-time feedback. Suitable for courses delivery for different campuses, cross-school lecturing, or rural school cooperation, which is a great contribution to balancing teaching resources.

TEAM Model Smarter Classroom Observation Lounge-
a space that facilitates teachers's professional growth

ezStation is combined with AI Sokrates and it enables synchronous classroom observation comments. It automatically generates effective teaching remarks from lecturers, experts, and observers and makes it easy for users to switch the corresponding video playing location without fast forwarding, rewinding, and searching. Users will be able to get to the professional teaching key points from a complete 40-minute video within one minute.

ezStation relevant hardware technology information
ezStation Lecture Capture System
Specification of video cameraStandard typeProfessional type
IP CameraPTZ IP Camera 
(*Optional: PTZ Keyboard Controller)
1. Use 1/2.3 inches of high-quality CMOS image sensor.
2. The maximum resolution supports 4K (4096×3072).
3. Supporting coding algorithm of H.264 and H.265 and allowing switch between H.264 and H.265 freely.
4. Supporting super low-frequency bit stream output function and able to output high-resolution real-time image of (4096*2160)30fps under the circumstance of 6M.
5. Digital noise cancellation: 2D&3D digital noise cancellation; the minimum illumination supports colorful 0.01lux.
6. Supporting automatic switch of ICR( IR-cut filter removable) and enable fast and precise focus.
7. Effective pixels are not lower than 12 million pixels with the aperture no lowering than 1.5mm. It supports wide-angle images without deformation and inner camera can switch automatically according to the tracking status.
8. Network bit stream supports low-frequency and low-delay code.
1. High-resolution wide-angle lens of f3 .9~46. 1mm (12X) with aperture of F1.8 -2.4; angle: 72.5 °(far) and 6.3 ° (near).
2. High-resolution CMOS of 1 / 2.8 inches with 2 million pixels (1920 * 1080).
3.(Automatic/ manual white balance, (automatic/ manual) exposure, and (automatic/ manual) focus.
4. Translate-rotate mode: ± 170° and tilt rotation: -30° 〜+ 90° ; it supports ceiling mounting.
5. Control the speed of translate-rotate in 0.1 °-100 °/second and tilt rotation in 0.1 °-40 °/second.
6. Control protocol: Protocol: VISCA/Pelco-D/Pelco-P.
7. Control signal port: 8-pin mini DIN(PS2); RS-232.
8. Network port: 100M; supporting H.265/H.264 video compression format, supporting AAC/MP3/PCM sound module compression format, and supporting network VISCA control protocol.
9. It supports the operation of infrared remote controller and setup of maximum 255 positioning points.

*Optional: PTZ Keyboard Controller
Specification of codec device for ezStationStorage capacity: 2TB, about 1000~1500 hours of recording in dual mode recording
Image support standard: SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model)
Recorded video format:MP4, FLV
Video standard:H.264, FLV, MP4
Video characteristics: The highest code distinguishability: 1080P60;DVI-I the highest resolution: 1920x1080
Video input: Support 1 x DVI-I and 2 x IP camera signal
Video output: 2 x HDMI output (non- homologous output)
Data control port: RS232*1, USB2.0*1, USB3.0*1
Support sound module standard: MP3, AAC, SPEEX
Audio input: 3 sets MIC balance signal, 1 line in
Audio output: 3 sets Line out output: local amplification, monitoring, interaction
Sound quality characteristics: mechanisms such as automatic noise suppression (ANS), automatic gain control(AGC), and acoustic echo cancellation (AEC).
Network interface: 1*100/1000M Ethernet port
Live broadcast function: Users can log into the recording server directly through web browser to watch the live stream of the course or user server that supports RTMP protocol to conduct online live stream (such as YouTube Live).
Video conferencing function: Supports many video conferencing types such as MCU (Multipoint Control Unit), peer-to-peer (with peer-to-peer recording equipment), SIP protocol (Session Initiation Protocol), H323 protocol, etc. 
Built-in web management platform for remote control and management of the codec device.
Automatic video switching function: automatically switch to a video with a large screen motion as the main screen according to the change of each video.
Automatic tracking function: Built-in positioning tracking (motion detection, face detection), can automatically track the speaker and shoot the video screen within the set area.