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Smart Education Consulting Services

TEAM Model teams have been committing to smarter education for 20 years and helping to establish TEAM Model Smarter Classrooms, TEAM Model AI schools and smarter school districts, committed to realize the vision of “student-centered”. The core of the smarter school lies in the classroom, and the development of the classroom depend on the teacher's professional quality, so the teacher's professional growth is the key to the development of the smarter school.
In order to speed up the development of smarter schools, we have launched “Smarter Education Counseling Service”, which tailors the teacher professional growth plan according to the current situation of the school, including the introduction of the Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute’s professional curriculum system, school management and development strategy, the application of AI and big data analysis technology, the professional textbooks for smarter education, etc. so as to help the school develop into TEAM Model AI School in a shorter time.

【Leading Philosophy】

The development theory of TEAM Model Smarter AI School -Three Steps for the Teacher Professional Development strategy is the best way of success which is condensed from the successful experience of the development of schools all over the country. The three steps are “Training”, “Coaching” and “Collection.”  Each step is composed of three parts, which are closely linked to effectively help the school develop into the most advanced TEAM Model AI Smarter School step by step.

AI Coach-Three Steps for Teacher Professional Development


【Counseling Service Items】

Consultants conduct one-to-one consultation to understand the needs of the school, tailor-made plans for the professional growth of teachers, and systematically improve teachers’ professional quality of smarter education by combining the “Five Major Curriculum Systems” of the Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute with the “Six Major Training Activities”. Combining data analysis service to assist school administrators to survey the curve of teachers' professional growth and the development index of smarter education in school, and compile smarter education publications by combining theory with practice. The service is an indispensable tool for smarter teachers.

【Consultant Service Process】