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Global Headquarters Management Team

HABOOK Group has an organized team with a complete structure and the globally distributed business bases at home and abroad. The company scale has been developing rapidly and steadily and managed to expand the market scale and business territory. It has accumulated over 20-year R&D achievements of educational technology, successfully introducing HABOOK Group’s main brand TEAM Model to the world, advancing towards the milestone of "global smarter education leading brand".

Power WU
Founder and President

Power is the founder of HABOOK Group and the honorary chairman of Taiwan Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Development Association (TTLITDA). Sticking to the educational principle of education without distinction, he built the TEAM Model smarter education brand and system, sold worldwide, and promoted the innovation of educational wisdom.

He established the Global TEAM Model Education Research Institute, used AI and education big data to build a global smarter education research platform. It links more than 10 countries and regions around the world, creating a systematic, large-scale, normalized smarter education innovation application. It collects, analyzes, researches and shares the TEAM Model Based Smarter Learning Sokrates lessons to promote teacher professional development and international educational cooperation research and development.

Stephen WU
Co-founder & Vice President of Management Department

 Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering of the National Cheng Kung University. He now works as the director of the collaborative operation of strategy and organization of HABOOK Group. Additionally, he has the professional background in market analysis trend and business partner strategy. Since the foundation of the company, Stephen has begun to design the development of series products related with the smarter education, trying to integrate the agent products and the self-developed products in the best way and providing the best overall planning and leading service.

He has published numerous best-selling computer books, including image processing, graphics & animation, web design. In the past, he also worked as a project planner for Formosa Plastics Group Company.

Steven LIANG
Co-founder & Director of R&D

Steven is the Doctor of Information Engineering of National Central University. He has the normal education background and teaching experience, and has developed many soft and hard wares products. His research field and patent include radio frequency technology, instructional assessment, statistics, theory analysis and implementation.

He originally worked as the general manager of the Songbo Learning Technology, the relation company of the HABOOK Group He led the R&D team and related academic units of National Central University to jointly develop good quality products applied to educational technology, laying a leading foundation on the research and development of Taiwan’s educational technology products.
He currently works as the director of R&D in HABOOK Group, shouldering the mission of expanding the R&D energy, focusing on promoting the team’s donation and professional position in educational technology.